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  • Do Your Teeth Hurt After Cleaning? 4 Tips to Make Dental Cleanings Less Painful!

    Teeth Hurt After Cleaning: 4 Tips to Make Cleanings Less PainfulDo your teeth hurt after cleaning? If that's stopping you from getting your teeth cleaned, here are 4 tips to make your next dental cleaning less painful.Keyword(s): teeth hurt after cleaningAccording to a recent survey, 42 percent of Americans do not visit the dentist as much as they would like. Some of the reasons people avoid the dentist include cost, anxiety, bad memories, and pain after cleaning.Do your teeth hurt after cleanin...  Read More...

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Apollonia Dental was designed to become your "home" for your dental needs in Sugar Land. It is meant to be a comfortable experience from the plush couches in the reception area to the wide selection of movies that you can delve into during your Sugar Land dental visit. The monitors in the treatment rooms recline with you so that you can have a personalized theater experience. Optional headphones and soft blankets are also available. We are truly "Here to Care For You". As a Sugar Land Dentist for many years, we have created an atmosphere that all ages love and enjoy.

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