Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Top 4 Things You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Thinking of getting dental crowns? Do you know if you're a good candidate for them? Check out the 4 things to know about dental crowns before getting them.

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When your teeth begin to erode, dental crows can offer a solution that will give you lasting benefits. The can be used on broken or cracked teeth as well to provide a chewing surface as well as act as a way to reinforce your tooth after you have a root canal.

But if you don't know much about dental crowns and have never had one before, then the idea of having one put on may seem a little scary. That's why we put together this helpful post to let you know everything important before your procedure.

1. Dental Crowns Can Last a Long Time

Depending on what kind of crown you get, they will last for anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years. That is, only if you take good care of them and go for regular dental checkups.

To make sure your dental crown ages with grace, make sure you brush regularly, floss daily, and go in for your teeth cleaning every six months.

2. The Dental Crown Process Is Straightforward

For many years, getting a dental crown was a lengthy process where you had to come into the dentist on several different occasions.

But today, the process only requires two trips. During the first appointment, the dentist will prepare your tooth and make an impression of it for the crown that will sit on it. They will then put a temporary crown in place.

At a second appointment, typically about two weeks later, they will place the crown in your mouth and cement it permanently in place.

3. The Dental Crown Will Look Just Like Your Other Teeth

It used to be that people would get all sorts of different metal crowns on their teeth. But with the scientific advancements we have made in cosmetic dentistry, there is no reason that you have to have a dental crown that doesn't blend in with your teeth.

Although porcelain crowns are often more expensive than their metal counterparts, if you take care of them they will look very nice for a long time.

4. Root Canals are the Most Common Reason for Crowns

When you get a root canal, the dentin of your tooth is exposed. A dental crown acts as a way to put a barrier between the dentin and foods that enter your mouth.

If dentin is exposed, you will find that your teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and that you have frequent nerve pain associated with your teeth.

Where to Go for Dental Work in Sugar Land and Missouri City, Texas

Now that you know a bit more about dental crowns, you're probably much more comfortable with the idea of going in for your procedure.

At Apollonia Dental, we take our time to make sure you have a satisfying experience. We would love to help you achieve your best smile. Contact us today for same day crown appointments.

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