Dentistry for Kids: What Your Kids Need to Know About Visiting a Sugar Land Dentist

Dentistry for Kids: What Your Kids Need to Know About Visiting a Sugar Land Dentist

Dentistry for Kids: What Kids Need to Know About Visiting a Dentist

Whether it's your children's first visit or not, they need to understand the importance of dentistry for kids. Read on to know more about kids and oral health.

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Up to 60% of Americans report feeling anxious about going to the dentist. The good news is that your children don't need to grow up with negative associations about dentist visits.

Dentistry for kids is crucial for their health and development. Read on to learn what your child needs to know about a dentist visit.

What Does a Dentist Do?

Before your child's first dentist visit, it's a good idea to talk to him or her about what dentists do.

Explain that a dentist is a doctor that takes care of people's teeth. The dentist needs to count your child's teeth, look at the gums and teeth to check that they are healthy.

Let your child know that going to the dentist is a checkup for his or her teeth. During the dentist visit, your child will meet a dental hygienist.

Tell your child that the dental hygienist will use a bright light to look inside your child's mouth. She or he will use a small mirror, a tooth scraper, and a toothbrush to clean teeth.

The hygienist will also floss your child's teeth and maybe even take x-rays of their teeth. Last of all, the dental hygienist will paint on some fluoride to your child's teeth. Most of the time, your child can pick a flavor such as grape or bubblegum.

Then, the dentist will come and check over your child's mouth for any concerns.

Pediatric dentistry in Sugar Land involves making the experience as comfortable as possible for kids. They can often watch TV or a movie while they lie back and get their teeth cleaned.

Here are some tips that can help your child feel confident about going to the dentist.

Start Young

The best way to show your child that going to the dentist is not scary is to take him or her for the first time when they are very young.

After your child's first birthday you can schedule a "chair ride" appointment. During this visit, your child will sit in the dentist's chair, ride it up and down and try on the sunglasses while the hygenist turns on the overhead light.

Then, your child will get to choose a sticker or other small prize.

This fun visit is a great way to build positive associations with a dentist visit.

Play Going to the Dentist at Home

Sometimes kids are afraid of going to the dentist because it is unknown. You can make the visit less scary by playing pretend at home. There are various songs about going to the dentist, too.

First, be your child's dentist and have him or her open wide. Count their teeth and brush them.

Then, let your child be the dentist for his or her dolls or stuffed animals. Role play at home is a great way to help children understand that the dentist visit is a normal, routine activity.

You can also get books about going to the dentist from the public library. It is good for kids to see what a cavity looks like and what a dental office looks like.

Final Thoughts on Dentistry for Kids

Thanks for reading. We hope this guide on dentistry for kids helps you prepare your child for going to the dentist.

Remember, going for dental cleanings is an important part of maintaining your oral health and detecting dental issues early.

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