Get Same Day Crowns and Restorations in Sugar Land

Get Same Day Crowns and Restorations in Sugar Land with Our E4D 3D CAD CAM Technology


A dental crown is usually required to restore a tooth after an injury or if the tooth gets infected. Earlier, the procedure of tooth restoration meant at least three to four visits at the dentist's clinic here in Sugar Land. It also meant a brief period of wearing temporary crowns. However, with latest advancements in technology, patients can now have same-day crowns, thanks to E4D 3D CAD CAM Technology. 

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Benefits of Same Day Crowns in Sugar Land

To get a traditional crown, you might have to return to your dentist to get the final crown placed. Same day crowns Sugar Land are crafted using the latest E4D technology to provide the following benefits:

  • Convenience - You can get a fully restored tooth in just one visit. At Apollonia Dental, you can opt for 3D tooth restorations. Procedures are conducted using state-of-the art technologies like E4D and 3D CAD CAM
  • Save time - With same day tooth restoration procedures, you do not have to miss or take leave from work to attend multiple appointments. You can get a new smile in just one visit at Sugar Land dentist
  • Safe material - The same day crowns are fabricated using safe material that are compatible with the body. These crowns have the same characteristics as tooth enamel. 
  • No need for temporary crowns - Same day tooth restorations help you stay away from a tooth that is aesthetically not appealing for many weeks. 
  • Less prone to cracks - Same day crowns are fabricated with material that is less prone to cracks and breakage.
In addition to the above benefits, getting same day crowns is a non-invasive procedure. If you are planning for tooth restoration, it is wise to consult Apollonia Dental, your family dentist in Sugar Land. You will not only get superior dental checkups but also know about the type of crown you should get.                      

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