Getting Invisalign in Sugar Land

Woman Wears InvisalignSugar Land residents can have a great alternative to braces from Invisalign. Invisalign uses transparent, incremental aligners to adjust teeth. The treatment process in Sugar Land involves taking a mold of the patient's teeth that is scanned in order to create a computerized model. Using the dentist's treatment plan, a computer model creates stages between the current and desired teeth positions that are used to create molds for individual aligners so dental patients can see the potential result from the desired alternative to traditional wired braces.

Following your initial consultation at our Sugar Land Dental office where we can any questions or concerns you have about the treatment, insurance or costs of Invisalign, we then take x-rays and impressions are done to create your treatment plan, which include your teeth positioning and how they are anticipated to respond and look following the progression of Invisalign treatment.

We create Clear aligners form them to your teeth. All you need to do is Simply wear them daily, and only remove them when you eat, brush or floss. Candy is included in that.

Your progression follows a regular switching out of your aligners. Our Sugar Land dental office will schedule regular check ups to evaluate your progress as adults can expect one year for the full progression. Better results are achieved the longer the aligners are worn each day. Your new smile can start today. 

Why is Invisalign in Sugar Land so Great?

  • Compared to wire brace, the aligners are almost invisible and less like to be noticeable by others.
  • Invisalign is custom fitted to your mouth and your teeth.
  • When you need to brush, floss or eat, the aligners are easy to remove
  • Helps in avoiding periodontal disease, which can stem from misaligned teeth
  • There aren't any food restrictions with Invisalign
  • Invisalign can aid in reducing biting or chewing issues.
  • How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign costs very comparably to traditional braces and the aesthetic benefits are far greater. The entire process can cost as low as $4,500. If you compare the cost and hassle of traditional braces, the choice is clear, no pun intended. 

Our Sugar Land Dentist office offers payment options for Invisalign treatment. With many financing options available at our Sugar Land office to meet your needs, your dental insurance may cover orthodontics, so your out of pocket costs may be reduced. 

If you are ready to discuss Invisalign as an option for your new smile, contact your Sugar Land dentist today. Located on Highway 6 South between the lights of Dulles and Frost Pass in the Colony Well Care Center, Apollonia Dental has convenient hours for your schedule and accepts most dental insurance. In addition to Invisalign, Apollonia Dental specializes in most dental issues and treatments like teeth cleaning, gum disease, root canals, and teeth whitening. 

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