More Things You Didn't Know About The Human Mouth

More Things You Didn't Know About The Human Mouth

Things You Didn't Know About The Human Mouth

We're covering fun facts you probably didn't know about the human mouth. To learn more about the way parts of the mouth and throat work, click here for more.

You use your mouth all the time, but how well do you know about this interesting body part?

Sure, we use the mouth when eating, drinking, talking, or kissing, but what else is it capable of? What should we know about our mouths that we don't already?

Keep reading to find out some interesting facts about the human mouth.

1. The Uvula Has a Specific Function

Although this has been debated in the past, most scientists agree that it assists with our speech. Other animals don't actually have a uvula, so it makes sense that it helps us talk to each other.

Without our uvula, we wouldn't be able to make a lot of the consonant sounds we make so often in our daily language.

2. Tongues and Teeth Are All Different

Just like fingerprints, every person has different tongue prints and different sets of teeth.

If it were necessary, people could be identified based on their tongue print. Obviously, not as many people put their tongues on things, however, so they are not quite as effective for this purpose as the thumb print.

A person's teeth are actually really unique as well because no two sets of teeth are going to have the same imprint. For this reason, dental records can be used to identify bodies.

3. Kissing Transfers Mouth Bacteria

One kiss that lasts for 10 seconds can transfer 80,000 bacteria from one mouth to the other.

Something else to consider about kissing is that when you kiss the same person consistently, your mouth bacteria and your partner's mouth bacteria starts to look the same in saliva samples.

4. Wisdom Teeth Used to Be Necessary

In today's world, dentists will often remove wisdom teeth once they start to grow in. Although not all people actually have wisdom teeth grow in, many of us still do. What's the point if they just get pulled out anyway?

When our ancestors were still living in caves, wisdom teeth had a very important purpose. With a diet consisting of thick or gamey types of foods, the third set of molars helped them be able to chew up their food.

Human mouths used to actually be larger, but now our small mouths can't fit in an extra few teeth like our ancestors. Since we have evolved away from their diets as well, we don't need wisdom teeth anymore.

5. Enamel Is the Hardest Biological Material

Tooth enamel is crucial for overall teeth health because it protects our teeth from exterior threats. If enamel starts to erode, your teeth are more susceptible to cavities and other dental problems.

While enamel is the strongest substance within our entire bodies, it still is extremely brittle. This means that it can still easily be damaged even though it is strong.

The Human Mouth Can Be Quite Interesting

It is easy to take the human mouth for granted, but it has a lot of features that many of us appreciate very much. It makes communication easier, and helps us stay alive by enabling us to eat and drink.

If you're interested in scheduling a dental appointment to have your mouth and teeth looked at or cleaned, get in touch with us. Not only can we help keep your mouth healthy, but we can also help you learn about it at the same time!

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