Reasons to Visit a Sugar Land Dentist Part 1

Reasons to Visit a Sugar Land Dentist Part 1

You’ve probably heard from multiple sources about the important role oral health plays in your overall well being. Like many Americans, you probably have made excuses at one time or another to avoid visiting a dentist. A visit to a Sugar Land Dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience, especially if it’s just for routine exams. Visiting a dentist in Sugar Land on a regular basis can prevent serious dental issues that could have been easily treated had you not waited so long to finally go. Need more of a reason to make a dentist appointment?

Here are several signs that you need to go to a Sugar Land Dentist 

You Are Experiencing Dry Mouth 

If you constantly feel parched or just can’t make your mouth feel hydrated, this may be a sign of a more serious medical issue or perhaps a side effect from medication you are taking. Your body is telling you something. Check with a Sugar Land Dentist to help you properly diagnose the concern. 

You Regularly Consume Any Kind of Tobacco 

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are two of the worst enemies to a person’s oral health and overall well being. They cause bad breath, and often lead to oral cancer and other cancers. We do oral cancer screenings. Schedule an appointment today with our dental office.

You Have Spots and Sores in Your Mouth 

Types of sores and spots can vary in cause and severity. Sometimes they are a symptom of a disease, while other times they can be caused by viruses, fungus, bacteria, or rubbing of dentures, braces or broken teeth. Your dentist can properly identify anything out of the ordinary in your mouth. The general rule is to see a dentist if the concern has lasted more than a week. If the canker sore, cold sore, candidiasis, or leukoplakia has been there more than seven days, it’s time to make a dental appointment

Your Last Dental Visit Was More Than Six Months Ago. 

Most dentists recommend scheduling semi-annual checkups. Most oral exams involve the dentist examining your teeth and X-rays of your teeth to check for cavities and other troubled areas. Most of the time your dentist is going to do preventative work to keep cavities from forming by shoring up weak areas of the tooth enamel. Though you may brush and floss regularly, a dental hygienist can clean your teeth better than you can.

Whatever your reasoning, make sure to schedule your dental appointment with our Sugar Land Dental Office at Apollonia Dental. We have been practicing dentistry in Sugar Land and Missouri City for many years, and have become a favorite dental experience for our patients. Patients can relax in a massage chair while they wait and even watch movies during their treatment. Plus, we save your place in the movie in case we finish your dental appointment before the movie is over. 

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