Same Day Dental Crowns and Restorations? Yes Its Possible

Same day crowns and restorations are providing a big relief to patients who are fed up of oral hygiene problems such as gum diseases and receding gums. Dentists in Sugar Land offer well advanced dental services to take care of your dental problems. While traditional crowns and restorations take time to show effective results, this is not the case with CERC based dental crown and restoration procedures. Apollonia Dental, your family dentist in Sugar Land offers this as a same day procedure only for residents of Sugar Land. Know more about how you may benefit from this dental restoration technique

  • Durable and takes negligible time 
    • Same day crowns and restoration takes very less time and you may be relieved only after two to three hours undergoing the treatment. The restoration is durable because of its anti-plaque and anti-abrasive qualities. Your receding gum line can become healthy and perfect in shape with the restoration done by our trusted team of Dentists in Sugar Land. 
  • You can get back to normal life the same day
    • Unlike traditional crown restoration techniques, you do not have to wait for two weeks to check back with your doctor if your gums are fine. You may resume normal lifestyle right after the same day dental restoration procedures by our oral hygienists. 
  • Most natural looking dental restoration
    • Our dentist uses the CERC technique to provide the most natural looking dental crown and restoration. There will be no silver fillings visible on your teeth after this treatment. The crowns or restorations are compatible with the tissues inside your mouth, so chances of allergies are straight away eliminated. 

If you are worried about your receding oral health, it will make smart sense to contact Apollonia Dental for a quick dental consultation. Being a renowned family dentist in Sugar Land, we have the expertise at our state of art dental facilities to do same day dental crown and restoration procedures.

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