Ten Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Mouth - Part 1 - Tongue Prints

Ten Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Mouth

Part 1 - Tongue Prints

Our mouths are one of the most fascinating parts of our body. Dentists know this to be true. Many studies are pointing to the direct connection between your mouth and the condition of the rest of your body.

Boy Showing Tongue, Holding LollipopFingerprints and Tongue Prints

Most people know that our fingerprints are a unique way to identify an individual. Finger prints are widely used in criminal investigations as a way to connect a suspect with a crime. In fact it’s one of the first thing forensic scientists will look for when they arrive on a crime scene. Using fingerprints have aided in solving a multitude of crimes. Yet smart criminals know this, which is why finding a clear print at a crime scene is becoming harder and harder to do, especially if the person committing the crime is wearing gloves.

Every part of our body carries a pattern or a unique mixture of chromosomes that make up what we know as our DNA. To find this, really fancy equipment is required, unlike finger printing which is a surface id.  

If Only Criminals Left Their Tongue Prints Behind

If you thought your fingers were the only way we can truly tell people apart on then think again. Have you heard how unique a person’s tongue is? Like fingers, your tongue has a fully unique print. No two people share the same tongue print. If you’re in law enforcement, don’t get to excited, because most criminals don’t leave their tongue prints around, which is why tongue print ids probably won’t be a method to investigate crime anytime in the foreseeable future. 

In the meantime, associative DNA is becoming a fascinating way to connect people to crimes. So rather than pursuing tongue prints, cops will probably stick to the DNA route, and in the meantime, you shouldn’t neglect the health of your tongue and your mouth. Schedule an appointment with your local dentist to help promote your oral health.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment

Letting too much time pass between dental visits is never a good idea. Don't stop at taking your tongue print for fun. Take your mouth to see the dentist. Even a simple checkup, if done regularly (at least twice a year), can help avoid a lot of serious issues down the road.

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