Top 3 Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

Top 3 Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Cleaned

We all realize that visiting a dentist is important when we are in a lot of tooth pain, or are experiencing a big dental problem. But did you know that getting your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist on a regular basis plays a key role in preventing major problems from arising?

Here are Three Major Benefits of Having a Dental Hygienist Clean Your Teeth.

They Remove Plaque

When you allow plaque to build up in your mouth, on the top and bottom of the gum line, this can cause serious dental issues. This is true even with daily brushing, flossing and rinsing. The work you do at home is foundational for a dental hygienist, but both play a necessary role in promoting proper dental hygiene. Debris, bacteria and deposits can form in gum pockets that are almost impossible to detect and reach without the help of a trained dental eye. A dental hygienist can see, treat and prevent any harmful buildup. 

They Give You Fresher Breath and a Better Looking Smile

Plaque is not a smile’s best friend. It leaves teeth looking yellow, stained and esthetically inferior compared to their potential. Getting your teeth cleaned, also known as prophylaxis is quite effective at removing teeth stains. Bacteria is the leading cause of long term bad breath. If you have chronic bad breath, it’s likely that you need to visit a dental hygienist for a cleaning treatment. Listen to your mouth, or at least other people who can smell your bad breath, and go get your teeth cleaned. Removing all the bacteria buildup will set and keep you on the path to normal breath and clean teeth. 

Dental Issues Can Be Detected at an Early Stage

Six months is a standard recommended interval between dental teeth cleanings. By getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, you also allow for a more frequent checkup of your mouth. If you get your teeth cleaned, having a dental exam during the same visit is an easy correlation, and less of a hassle than having to schedule two separate appointments 

Don’t go more than six months without getting your teeth cleaned by a Sugar Land Dentist like Apollonia Dental and simultaneously scheduling a regular dental appointment, ensuring your investment your optimal oral health. As a long time dentist in Sugar Land, we make it our goal to make every patient’s dental experience one that they will look forward to returning for their next appointment. You can schedule a dental appointment by calling one of our Sugar Land dental appointment lines. 

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