Two Outcomes for Your Wisdom Teeth and Why You Should Get Them Removed

Two Outcomes for Your Wisdom Teeth and Why You Should Get Them Removed

People often ask if there is really any validity in getting your wisdom teeth removed, or if dentists are just trying to over sell their services to the general population.

As a long time Sugar Land dentist, we’ve helped so many patients with dental services like wisdom teeth removal, Invisalign, same day crowns and others.

Dentists can tell early on how wisdom teeth are growing in. Our third molars, also called our “wisdom teeth” begin to come in during our late teens to mid 20s. In most every case, our jaw is not big enough to accommodate these extra teeth. The result is usually painful and can cause difficult complications for your other teeth and areas of your mouth.

If you have not yet had your wisdom teeth pulled, one of two things will usually happen – your wisdom teeth will either partially erupt or become your wisdom teeth will become impacted. Both of these issues cause problems for your teeth and your overall oral health.

Wisdom Teeth That are Impacted 

If your wisdom teeth don’t come in at all, they are most likely impacted. What this means is that the other teeth in your mouth prevent the wisdom teeth from growing and moving around, which usually forces your wisdom teeth to grow tilted below the gumline. This leads to crowding and teeth displacement and it becomes very painful. Keep in mind that some of the orthodontic work that you may have had done prior to removing your wisdom teeth may get undone and can be expensive and certainly frustrating. It’s best to consult with a Sugar Land dentist to determine your best course of treatment. 

Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth 

Sometimes wisdom teeth only come in partially and result in flaps of gum tissue forming over or next to the wisdom tooth. These tissue flaps catch and keep food particles that grow infection causing bacteria. The infection from this bacteria causes the tissue around the wisdom tooth to become inflamed, also known as pericornitis. In some really bad cases a cyst can form on the gum tissue around the tooth and these cysts can create permanent damage to bones and the teeth surrounding the wisdom tooth. 

What to Do About Your Wisdom Teeth 

If you are scheduling regular check ups and frequent dental exams, your Sugar Land dentist can properly diagnose and prevent many of these issues. Most dentists recommend to removing your wisdom teeth before the age of 35. Getting your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age lowers the risk of complications and promotes a better chance of proper healing. Remember, keeping your wisdom teeth is not a good idea.

If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, dental care, or are looking for a great dental experience in Sugar Land, contact our office for a dental consultation today. 

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